IMPRINTS - painting

Slav Nedev                                                                                                                      уголеми плаката

06.10.16 - 28.10.16


From 6th until 28th October gallery "Artur" presents "Imprints" - a solo exhibition by Slav Nedev.

Imprints is a title that awakes associations for preserved perceptions, for sensations that have left traces, for conscious and intuitive sifting of energy input - emotional and creative. However, the title reflects the used technique as well.The presented works are kind of water prints - a series of paintings - gouache on quality handmade paper. Slav Nedev shares the following with regard to their creation: "My aim was to experiment and make relatively simple, almost geometric compositions to be lively in color and different textures...Quick decisions and improvisations were needed." The result is a balanced exposition, in which the works build a harmonious and unified whole in the gallery space."

The concept of this series of works, according to the author himself, is "the unfolding of the inner sense of composition and color."